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How to prepare your car to be towed by a towing service
If you’re having your car towed, chances are you’re having it done by a towing service. It’s far more common to have your vehicle towed by another company, because it’s simply much easier.

Remove your personal items. Before arranging a towing service, remove all of the valuable items from your vehicle. Towing services usually don’t have protection for any personal items in your vehicle, so you want to limit how much value is stored in your car. The last thing you want when having your car towed is to lose thousands of dollars’ worth of personal items with no protection.

Find a reputable service. While it’s tempting to simply call up the cheapest service, there may be a reason why they’re so cheap. Do some research online, or contact your car insurance provider and ask them for a recommendation. Your vehicle is a valuable commodity, so you don’t want to take any chances.

Take photos. While you wait for the towing service to arrive, take pictures of your vehicle. Most towing companies are great about keeping your car in good shape. However, occasionally a company may damage your vehicle when towing it, and you want proof that the damage wasn’t there before the towing.

Key Takeaway: Before getting your car towed by a company, you should first check that they have a good reputation. Then, remove all valuables from your car, and take some pictures of it just in case any damage occurs.